Here in SUNMEEK we share a common perspective of today’s agricultural market with the professional growers and we are proud to have built the foundation of our business based on this outlook.

The following core elements drive SUNMEEK toward a successful future everyday:


Sunmeek aims to be the most trusted brand in the industry to the dealers, distributors and the growers. Trust is the product of honesty, therefor Sunmeek believes that “honesty is the best policy” and that is the way we conduct business. Sunmeek is a reliable partner who is serious about delivering quality. You can trust that every variety Sunmeek offers has been researched and grown at our trial grounds to pass stringent requirements.


It is our goal to ensure our product’s consistency and reliability like no other brand and always supply Sunmeek's customers with the same exceptional quality seed that they expect from their trusted source. Sunmeek consistently provides good seeds that are well cleaned, well packaged and delivered to meet time constraints of growers.


As agriculture evolves around the world, it is Sunmeek's goal to continue and adapt to the latest and most challenging industry standards in order to maintain it’s position among the leading brands when it comes to choosing the seed.


It is essential for Sunmeek to establish a small but strong network of dealers and distributors to help us increase it’s market share. We develop and maintain a close relationship with our distributors and dealers to build a strong bridge foundation between Sunmeek and the professional grower. These worldwide connections allow us to find and produce seeds that are customized for you and your customer’s specific needs. We observe from a practical level in field view and then provide seed to grow that goes beyond meeting the needs and wants of the growers.



Sunmeek shares a vision that grows more challenging every second as the world rapidly grows more populated. While we fully understand the challenges that all of us, involved with the agriculture industry face today, it is essential to maintain a clear path and direction to the target we are all aiming for, which is to secure a reliable source of food for generations to come. We fully understand the urgency to work hand in hand to accomplish this enormous task. The bar is set higher with each new breath that only stirs to motivate us more to attain even sweeter success. We envision being at the beginning of helping the industry become a fount to provide food for tomorrow.


Our dream is to become growers’ Number 1 choice When it comes to seed. We make this dream a reality with a commitment to professional service and product performance. We aim to be the best in what we do simply by exceeding our customers’ expectations. We are constantly in search to find the best seeds and the best seed growers around the world. Not all of these research projects pay off, but as they do we seed our earnings to reinvest into other projects, so we could always stand up to the expectations of today’s markets and the demands of tomorrow’s. Sunmeek seed specialists evaluate each seed lot to grade the quality of the seed beyond both industry’s guidelines and customer’s expectations. Third party laboratories support additional testing to provide quality assurance.

Sunmeek's vision to supply food to a growing population is just the beginning. We also make it our ambition to be forward thinking as much as possible so we can always be ready to provide answers to special requests. We will not ever be satisfied until we have become the benchmark in setting new standards for quality.

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