Demi 66 F1

Description: Semi globe shape, dark green cabbage with average weight of 1.5- 2kg; 55- 60 days to maturity after transplanting. Tolerates Fusarium Yellow. [...]

Demi 81 F1

Description: About 1.5~1.8 kg, semi globe, and green color cabbage; 70~75 days to be harvested after transplanting; Slow to burst and resist Black Rot. [...]

Demi 88 F1

Description: About 1.5 to 2.5 kg, dark green head cabbage; 81 to 95 days to maturity after transplanting; adaptable to all climates; harvest season are summer and autumn.  Easy to grow; Demi 88 is Resistant to FOC: 1. [...]

Eden F1

Description: Round shape, mild green head cabbage with the weight of 1-2kg; light yellow inside; 65 to 75 days to harvest after transplanting; ideal for storage.  Tolerates bolting, tip burn and black spec. [...]

Red Ruby 70 F1

Description: Red Ruby 70 has 1~1.5 Kg weight and a round red color head. Can be harvested after 70 to 80 days after transplanting. This cabbage can be harvested at early stage as a mini cabbage. Harvest seasons are summer and autumn. [...]

Red Ruby 75 F1

Description: This is an early maturity (70 to 75 days after transplant) cabbage with 1-1.95 Kg in weight.  Heads are dense with short core and deep red internal. It has good tolerance to cracking and Tip burn. Harvest seasons are spring and summer. [...]