Chantenay Red Core

Description: This variety of carrot is usually good for freezing, canning, storing, and if harvested early, for baby carrot. This is a medium early type of Chantenay. The carrot is thick and conical. These 13-16cm carrots have nice dark orange color. [...]

Nantes Nnaba

Description: This variety is cylindrical and smooth; produces high yield. The color is red orange and the length is 18-22 cm. It can be used for processing or fresh market. [...]

Roxi 63 F1

Description: Hybrid Roxi 63 is an early maturing Nantes type carrot. Carrots are 17-22 cm long and 3-4 cm in diameter. It has a dark orange flesh with small to medium size core. It is ideal for every market. [...]

Roxi 68 F1

Description: Roxy is a late Imperator type carrot with a beautiful deep orange color on the surface. The root is long (21-26cm) and cylindrical.  It has tolerance to cracking and it is ideal for baby carrot and cut. [...]