Black Seeded Simpson

Description: Large plant; very early maturity (55 to 64 days); It has curled frilled and crumpled leaves. Very adaptable; the outer leaves are light green and inner leaves are even lighter. It has good tolerance towards heat which makes it popular. This variety is suitable for fresh market. [...]

Great Lakes

Description: Great lakes is popular for producing uniform, solid medium large, dark green lettuce head in cool or warm weather. This lettuce has a medium core and white seed and slow bolt. It is one of the most TB resistant and versatile Great Lake strains. Great Lakes do best in warm weather. 79-89 days to maturity. [...]


Description: Iceberg has compact leaves with medium large head. 50 to 85 days to maturity.  It has resistance to TB and heat and does well in mountainous areas. [...]

Romaine Paris White

Description: Paris White is a large Romaine type lettuce. The head is tall, cylindrical, and quite large. It has tolerance toward heat and warm climate. Its color is medium green. The leaves are tightly folded and wrapped around a self-branched heart. It is suitable for fresh market. [...]