Ananas F1

Description: Yellow netting skin; 75 to 90 days to harvest. The weight of this melon is between 1.5 to 2 Kg. Shelf life is medium. Tolerates PM-1,  F-0 and F-1. This melon is ideal for open field. [...]

Ariel F1

Description: This is a yellow canary type melon with medium maturity. It has smooth yellow rind and white flesh. The weight of this fruit is about 1.4-2kg and tolerates PM -1, PM -2, F-0, F -2, DM, WMV. [...]

Artemis F1

Description: Artemis is an Ananas type melon with resistance to Fusarium Wilt races 0 & 1 and tolerates strain of Powdery mildow. Almost oval shape with 2.6 - 3.4 Kg weight. The flesh is thick and orange in color and the taste is soft and sweet. This melon is firm and ideal for shipping if harvested on time. [...]

Avalon F1

Description: Avalon F1 is an Ananas type melon with resistance of PM-1, F-0, and F1. The skin is yellow with fine netting but the flesh is off white. 70 to 90 days to maturity; the shelf life for Avalan  F1 is medium. [...]

Hami Sweet Melon

Description: This is a high yielder hybrid melon with a yellow color and an oval shape. It is very sweet (content 15 % sugar). It is a high yielder type. This melon has netted skin (white net). The flesh is thick and orange.  The weight is between 2.5 to 3.5 kg. Hami Sweet can be planted in green houses or open fields. This fruit is ideal for storage and shipping if harvested on time. [...]

Havana F1

Description Havana F1 is an improved quality of Honeydew green flesh. Vine is vigorous. It will be matures in 100 days. Fruit is globe shape with smooth creamy white skin. Flesh is thick and light to pale green. Weight is between 1.8 to 2 kg and it is very sweet. Good shipping and storage capabilities and ideal for fresh market. Disease tolerance to FWR2. [...]

Marlic F1

Description Marlic F-1 is a Tuscan type melon with 75 to 85 days to maturity. It is high yielder. This melon is oval shape and the skin has   exposed green color suture. The estimate weight is 1.8 - 2 kg. The flesh is firm and very sweet. This melon is disease resistance to PM2, FWR 1&2, Alternaria and PV. [...]

Nikita 202 F1

Description: Nikita 202 is a Galia type melon that produces a very uniform globe shape fruit with a small cavity. The average weight is 0.8- 1.2 kg. Each plant gives around 5 to 8 fruit. Maturity is between 65 to 70 days. The skin is almost yellow but the flesh is light green with a very good flavor. Resistant to Fusarium and powdery Mildew, can be grown in humid and rainy climates. [...]

Nikita 205 F1

Description: This melon has medium vigorous vines and a round large size Galia type fruit. It is ideal for open fields. It matures early. It has a yellow netted skin with a green flesh. Nikita 205‘s weigh is between 1.4 -1.8 kg. This melon has medium vigorous vines. Resistant to fom: 0-1/Px :1 [...]

Nikita 212 F1

Description: Nikita 212 is an early season Galia type melon with good adaptability. 76 to 79 days to maturity. Weight is 2 to 2.25 kg and the shape is almost oval; exterior is netted; the flesh is thick and green, sweet and juicy. This variety melon tolerates Powdery Mildew race 1 and 2. [...]

Norris F1

Description: Norris F1 is a cantaloupe type melon with medium maturity. The skin has yellow color with full netting. The flesh is thick and orange. This melon is oval shape and its weight is between 1.5 to 2.5 Kg. The shelf life is good. This melon is ideal for open fields and low plastic tunnels. Resistant to F-0, F-1 [...]

Toosi F1

Description: Toosi is an early melon. This melon has a vigorous plant which produces a high yield of this fruit.  Each plant produces up to 4 uniform fruits. The netting coverage on external layer is good. The weight of this melon is 5-7kg.  Toosi is tolerant to Pseudoperonospora cubensis. [...]