Clemson Spineless 80

Description: Improved Clemson spineless; exceedingly uniform and straight, these medium-green spineless pods are 15-18 cm long slightly tapered and grooved along the fruit. [...]

Lilith 68 F-1

Description: Lilith 68 pod is dark green and spineless. 50 to 56 days to maturity. The pods stay firm longer than other okras; therefore there is more time to harvest. The plant is 1.2m tall and needs 38-45 cm between each plant and 92 to 121cm between each row. [...]

Lilith 72 F-1

Description: Lilith 72 pod is medium dark green and spineless. The pod is almost 13 cm in length. This okra has the potentiality of high yield. The seed is of a tough hybrid variety. [...]

Red Burgundy

Description: Pods can reach up to 18 cm. Red burgundy okra is as attractive as it is delicious. This variety developed at Clemson University. Maturity is reached around 52 to 60 days. [...]