Alexis 800 F-1

Description: Medium to large size short day and very early variety. It is a globe to flat globe shaped onion. The skin is brown. It has very good storage and shipping ability compared to other very early Grano types. Tolerates Pink Root disease. Can be stored for up to 4 months under proper conditions and matures before onion Texas Early Grano. [...]

Alexis 805 F-1

Description: This is a short day globe shape variety with firm and large size bulbs. It has a yellow brown external color and pungent taste. It takes 135to 145 days to harvest. Alixis 805 maturity is 15 days before Texas early Grano onion. This onion can be stored for up to 5 or 6 months under proper conditions. This variety tolerates Pink Root disease. [...]

Alexis 808 F-1

Description: This is a short day onion .It is a large onion with the straw colored external and grano shape. It has mild tangent flavor. 140 to 150 days to maturity. High disease resistant to Pink Root and very good tolerance to bolting and high percentage of single centers. It can be stored for 2 months under proper conditions. [...]

Onion White Grano

Description: Here is the classic silvery white colored onion, mild flavor with low pungency, large bulb and circular shaped weighing at least 150g. This onion is very firm and it’s great for fresh market and short storage purposes. This variety has some resistant to pink root as well. [...]

Stella 202 F-1

Description: This is a short day, flat globe shape red onion with a medium to large size bulb. The redness extends to the center after maturity. The estimate maturity is 165 to 175 days. It is considered as a short day variety. Onion’s skin is firm and has a good ability of holding.  It can be stored up to 6 months under proper conditions. [...]

Stella 205 F-1

Description: This is a globe shape mid-early pink onion. It has a mild sweet taste. This onion can be planted directly or by transplanting. It can be a good yielder. Stella 205 can be kept in storage for up to 4 months. [...]

Stella 210 F-1

Description: Stella 210 F-1 is a short day variety. The onion is of a flat globe shape. It has a medium size bulb and red skin. The onion is intensely pungent. Maturity is about 160 days. Under proper conditions it can be stored for up to 6 months. This onion keeps very well, and is very suitable for shipping. Stella 210 F-1 is Tolerant to Pink Root. [...]

Zaal 500 F-1

Description: This is a globe shape white onion. The scales are tight and shiny. The size of bulb is from medium to a very large. This onion is a very early maturing variety. Zaal 500 F-1 tolerates Pink Root Disease and Greening. This onion is high yielding in the Middle East. [...]

Zaal 530 F-1

Description: This is an early short day variety .round shape medium to large size white firm onion. This onion has central growing points and mild pungency. Has disease resistant to bolting. Zaal 530  F1 should not be planting very early because it might cause bolting. [...]