Anaheim 220 F1

Description: This is a mid-hot green pepper. The fruit has thick walls and early elongated.  It can be used for fresh market. This pepper has the potential of high production. It has a long harvest time. [...]

Jalal F1

Description: Jalal is a very hot jalapeno pepper. This hybrid pepper is light green and large, ideal for both fresh market and export. The fruits are uniform and easy to pick. It has potential of a very good yield. The walls of this pepper are thick. It has resistance to Race 1, 2, 3 and bacterial leaf blight. [...]

Maddox F-1

Description: One of most popular hot peppers. This pepper is mid-early with average weight of 130g.It has conical shape and has pendant habit. The color is green to red. This pepper has high tolerance to TMV. [...]

Orange Bella F1

Description: Matures 65 -70 days after transplanting. This is a beautiful orange color bell pepper which is crunchy and sweet. It has a good disease resistance toward Bacterial Leaf Spot and Mosaic Virus. This pepper is one of the best choices for fresh pepper for all seasons. This pepper is big and blocky (7.5 -10.5 cm long and almost 4 cm wide. Can be picked when they are green. [...]

Pepper Califirnaia Wonder

Description: Large size pepper with thick walls. This pepper is blocky with 3-4 lobes. The fruit is smooth and very uniform. The fruit is protected from Superior Foliage by strong and vigorous upright plant. Maturing from dark green to a deep, rich red color. Very good choice for fresh and processing markets. This pepper is resistant to Tobaco Mosaic Virus 0. [...]

Pepper Hot De Cayenne

Description: Very pungent and high yielder hot pepper; the fruits are thin, and they are from dark green to red in color. Plants are strong with small foliage. WORK HOURS [...]

Pepper Sweet Yolo Wonder

Description: This fruit is blocky in shape (10x9 cm), has 3-4 lobes with thick walls and dark green to red in color. This pepper is resistant to Tobaco Mosaic Virus 0. This variety is ideal for fresh market and processing. [...]

Red Bella F1

Description: This is a bell pepper with extra thick walls and good coverage. Ideal for processing and highly uniform in shape. The weight of peppers are approximately 200-220g. They can be green to red. The maturity is mid-season. [...]

Red Chili

Description: 75 to 85 days to maturity.The plant is small, upright and concentrated.. The fruit is approximately 6 cm in length and it is tapered. The color changes from green to red. [...]

Salida F-1

Description: Salida is a very hot, dark green cone-shape type hybrid pepper. The plant is mid-sized and very productive. Fruits are uniform and ideal for fresh market and processing. It has a long harvest time. [...]

Sarina F-1

Description: Sarina F1 is a Serrano type pepper with very good productivity. The fruits are large and uniform. The walls of fruits are green and firm. When it is maturing, the color changes to deep red. The harvest period is long. This pepper is very hot. [...]

Yellow Bella F-1

Description: This is a yellow color rectangular hybrid fruit. It is suitable for unheated greenhouses and long crop cycles. The plant is strong and has almost medium coverage. Each fruit is almost 450 g and has thick walls. This is a high yielder pepper with excellent quality and resistant to Tm:0 /TSWV:0. [...]