Saina 300 F1

Description: This hybrid zucchini has a round shape and light green color. The taste is very good. The length of fruit is about 8cm.  It has strong bushes. It takes 45 days to mature. Tolerates WMV and ZYMV. [...]

Saina 310 F1

Description: Saina 310 F1 is a summer zucchini squash. It takes 40 to 50 days to mature. Fruits are round and have yellow-gold color.  Saina F1 has an open growth habit for ease of harvest.  Tolerates Podi Viruses. [...]

Saina 800 F1

Description: 45 days to mature and  high yielder,  this hybrid squash produces astonishing fruits that are just great in terms of both look and taste. Fruits are medium-sized with green- gray color; uniformly straight and almost cylindrical. This squash has a wide range of tolerance to various viruses. [...]

Saina 810 F1

Description: About 45 days to mature; this hybrid squash has a cylindrical bulbous shape and grey-green color. The plant has big flowers. The taste is great. The average length of the fruit is approximately 18cm. It is widely adapted to Mediterranean climate. [...]

Saina 900 F1

Description: Saina 900 F1 is suitable for fresh markets, and processing. The fruit is cylindrical with a dark green exterior and the average size of 18 cm in length. Maturity is approximately 45 days. Saina 900 is tolerant to CMV, and WMV. [...]

Saina 909 F1

Description: A beautiful multi -virus tolerant zucchini with excellent yellow color cylindrical fruits; Saina 909 F-1 is extremely straight, with no bulbous and very little curving. Fruits are uniform in size and color. [...]