Alani F-1

Description: Alani is an indeterminate truss tomato for cluster. The vines are very thick. The size, shape, and color are uniform. Fruits are globe shape with beautiful color. The fruit weight is between140 to 180g. It has a good ability for storing. Alani has mid- resistant to VFTMO. [...]

Golden Analia F1

Description: 12-17g mini plum shaped (grape shape) golden orange tomato. Fruit is firm and crack resistant; very good shelf life; indeterminate plant; high yielder (yields over 500 tomatoes with sweet tomato flavor); ideal for screen or green house; recommended to be grown up to 2 stems to maximizing the yield. [...]

Kayla 5525 F-1

Description: 100-120g firm tomatoes; very good yielder; matures early if sowing the seed in hot weather. The plant is compact. Tolerates VF2ASC TYLCV -2 and heat. This tomato is suitable for ground culture or stakes. [...]

Kayla 555 F1

Description: Indeterminate Roma type hybrid tomato, with the good size.  Fruit’s weight is between130 to 160g. It has a strong plant with a good coverage. The fruits are firm and have good color. Tolerates F3 N Tm Tsw Ty. [...]

Kayla 5822 F-1

Description: Kayla 5822 is a roma tomato with vigorous plant. The average weight is 120 -140 gram. This high yielder can be planted in hot weather and matured in cooler weather. Fruits are uniform in size, shape, color and maturity. Kayla 582 has a good shipping quality. Tolerates VFFASC. [...]

Kayla 6699 F-1

Description This hybrid determinate Roma type variety represents the best of Samyer tomatoes. The plant is very heavy yielder.  The fruit’s weight is between 160-200g. The fruits are very firm and ideal for shipping. The fruits are blocky shape and red.  High disease resistance  to VFFFNSwP Ty. [...]

Kayla 7010 F-1

Description: 85-95 g uniform shape, size, color tomatoes; high yield; if sowing the seed in hot weather, the first pick will be after 65 days. The plants are compact. It is ideal for ground culture or stakes. Tolerance to VF2 TMVTYL CV-2 heat set. [...]

Kayla 7700 F1

Description: Determinate,180-238g, Roma type hybrid tomato. The plant is vigorous and has good coverage. The fruit is firm and red. This tomato has medium early growing cycle. Tolerant to VFFFNTSwP Ty. [...]

Kayla 7898 F-1

Description: This is a hybrid, early determinate roma type tomato. The plant is high yielder and the fruits have nice red color. The weight for each fruit is between 150-185g. This variety has disease resistance to VFFFNSwP Ty. [...]

Kayla 8800 F-1

Description: Hybrid determinate roma type tomato.  This variety is very productive. The fruit’s weight is 120-130g. The plant has very good coverage. This variety tolerates VFFTSw Ty. [...]

Kayla 8899 F1

Description: Determinate red blocky shape hybrid tomato; the fruit is very firm and ideal for shipping and storing. It has strong vigorous plant with very good coverage. Fruit’s weight is around 160-240g. Kayla 8899 tolerates VFFTSw Ty. [...]

Punnia 800 F-1

Description: This is a hybrid, determinate, flattened round shape tomato. Ideal for open field; produce high yielding; the fruit has deep dark red color and each fruit has 220 to 230g weight. All of these qualities make this variety one of the most wanted tomatoes. Spring, summer and fall are the production cycles. [...]

Punnia 860 F-1

Description: This is a hybrid, determinate flattened globe shape tomato. Fruits have high lycopene content which makes them very dark red in color. 180-200g weight;  produce high yielding. Needs heat consistency. Climate should be checked before growing. Tolerant to Fol 1, Fol2, M, ToMV, TMV, TMV, TSWV, V(RI). Spring, summer and part of fall are the production cycles. Good for open Field. [...]

Punnia 870 F1

Description: Hybrid, determinate, globe shape tomato. It has very good storability and strong disease resistance. This tomato has beautiful red color and the fruit weight is between 250-350 g. Medium size and very productive plant.  Tolerates VFFNTSw og. [...]

Punnia 888 F1

Description: This is a hybrid determinate globe shape tomato with beautiful red color.  This variety is very productive and produces firm fruits.  The weight of fruit is 280-300g .This tomato has small plant and the fruits mature all at the same time.  Disease resistance to VFFNSw. [...]

Red Analia F1

Description: Red Analia F1 is a mid-early indeterminate grape tomato for fresh market. Fruit weight is 16 g. The main characteristic of this very vigorous hybrid is the firmness and the crunchiness of its fruits. This variety can be grown in open fields as well as in greenhouses, all over the world. Red Analia talerates V FF TMV. [...]