Danica 44 F1

Description: This is the early maturing white turnip (35 days). Green tops are tender and the root is crisp and sweet. Harvest time for green is when they are 2 to 3 inches tall, as long as the crown is healthy. The root is between 2 to 3cm in diameters. They are easy to grow in spring and fall. Resistant to heat. [...]

Danica 48 F1

Description: Royal Crown is a multi-use variety that can be used for greens or roots. It has uniform deep green cut leaves and uniform top-shaped roots which have a bright purple crown and a creamy white bottom. Royal Crown has a sweet, mild flavor that is appealing to fresh market and home garden growers. [...]

Purple Top white Globe

Description: The popular Purple-Top variety, grown all around the world, is an early type turnip with globe shaped roots that are slightly tapered at the ends. The flesh is crisp and sweet with a fine-textured finish. Green tops are edible and could get as tall as 46cm. It is ideal for storing and shipping. [...]